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Recommended Reading for 24th March through 31st March

By gerardmcgarry on 1st April 2007, filed in General. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

Interesting posts I’ve read between 24th March and 31st March:

  • Jason Calacanis Challenge Update – Neil Patel shows how even a popular blogger can increase traffic through some pretty basic search engine optimization. Interesting article that looks at the effect of a few basic changes can make to increasing visitors to your site. See the debate in the comments about including your branding (name) in the page titles.
  • Head META Description – A potentially useful plugin for generating meta description tags in WordPress. There’s a lot more buzz about meta tags in the SEO arena again – at the very least, controlling your description means controlling what the search engine displays to users.
  • The Beginner?s Guide to Social Media Optimization – Social Media Optimization is the child of the new wave of Web 2.0 services, an opportunity to promote your website to an interested audience, generate buzz on the Internet and increase your subscriber base.
  • SEO for WordPress – The Complete Guide
  • SEO Friendly URL Structure for WordPress Blogs – As some of your have noticed, we changed the URL structure on Search Engine Journal entries today from the classic …

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