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Recommended Reading for 24th April through 25th April

By gerardmcgarry on 26th April 2007, filed in General. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

Interesting posts I’ve read between 24th April and 25th April:

  • Master Stylesheet: The Most Useful CSS Technique – Another take on globally resetting styles using a master CSS file. To elaborate, different browsers have different default settings for web documents. By using a global reset, you can control this and make the display settings much more consistent.
  • Eric’s Archived Thoughts: Reset Styles – Eric Meyer looks at how we can use a global reset CSS file to iron out the inconsistencies between web browsers. Check out the original article and the follow-up which refines the process.
  • Link Building Structures: Hunters and Collectors – An interesting look at link building structures. Can’t say it all makes sense, but it just might be an interesting series….
  • 10 Steps to get Traffic from Yahoo Answers – Yahoo! Answers is a very popular service where people can ask a question about virtually anything and receive answers from the community. This post looks at ways to leverage the service to create traffic for your website.
  • How To Turn Google?s Paid Link Reporting Into Profit | Scoreboard Media Group – Google is taking on the paid link industry by introducing a "paid link reporting" facility. This post eloquently exposes the scope that exists for abuse of the system. While any link-building I’ve done had been organic, I think the strategy of reporting these types of links is a bit of a liability.

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