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Recommended Reading for 1st June through 22nd June

By gerardmcgarry on 23rd June 2007, filed in General. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

Interesting posts I’ve read between 1st June and 22nd June:

  • How Drupal Will Save The World – Not so much a thesis on how Drupal could end global poverty, but an assessment of what needs to be done to make Drupal more attractive to non-techie users.
  • Drupal’s Designer Future – Interesting discussion about Drupal and the need for better design within the community and better theme support. It’s a recurring topic with Drupal and one that needs attention. I might just lend a hand….
  • Drupal and FeedBurner – Handy tutorial for integrating FeedBuurner with Drupal, and link to a Drupal module for FeedBurner which should make it even easier. I’m working quite a bit with Drupal at the moment, so this stuff is always useful!
  • DIY PR – "So what I am recommending is not howto manage an agency, but something more radical: not hiring an agency at all. Here are ten reasons why."
  • Should you switch off adverts for members of your site? – Should you consider switching off advertising for registered users to improve their experience? Seems like a good idea, as it’ll encourage signups and regular visitors don’t generally click adverts. Worth a read.

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