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We help companies in Northern Ireland to establish their products and services on the Internet, to sell to the local or international market.

Scribble Designs specialise in standards-based web design and the creation of attractive websites that are easy to use. We believe that a well-designed site will provide the best return on investment by making it easier for your customers to buy your product or get in touch with you.

We have proven expertise in marketing websites through strong search engine optimisation and link-building techniques that will increase the number of visitors that come to your site.

In addition, we are one of the first web design firms in Northern Ireland to offer consulting on blogging based on solid, practical experience!

Find out more about our Web Design and Consulting Services or get in touch to find out more.

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Hacking Simple Machines Forum For SEO

The Simple Machines Forum is a great free php forum system. Unfortunately, out of the box it’s the most poorly search engine optimised piece of rubbish you’re likely to ever experience. But then, most forumware is.

When I installed the Unreality TV Forum, the first thing I did was to make the layout fixed-width for better legibility. The liquid layout of most forum themes results in long lines that are difficult to read without getting cataracts or worse! But that’s a usability thing.

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Some Useful Yahoo! Shortcuts

After getting frustrated with the search results that I was getting from Google, I decided to spread my wings a little bit and start using different search engines.

Currently, I’m using Yahoo! for my everyday searches, supplemented by Microsoft’s

One of the biggest benefits of using alternative search engines is seeing different results. I’d gotten tired of Google showing Wikipedia as the first result for virtually everything. Yahoo! and Live don’t give Wikipedia nearly as much weight as Google does, so that’s a major bonus – other sites manage to rise to the top of the results pages.

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Search Engine Professional

The good folks at SEOmoz have come up with an SEO quiz that rates your knowledge of SEO according to some very difficult questions. I took the test today and got a 74% score – not bad considering there were some tricky questions (and a couple where the wording caught me out).

So, I’m officially an…

SEO Professional – 74%

I’m feeling a little smug about that news. Understandably.

SEO Success For Heritage Quilts

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a site I’d worked on a while back is ranking at #1 in Google (uk only) for a key competitive term.

Heritage Quilts is a small business run by my client, Briege Kelly. She’s a dedicated quiltmaker and allows orders via the OSCommerce store I set up for her over a year ago.

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Configuring The Contact Form Module In Drupal

I’m currently wrapping up on a Drupal installation for a client I’ve been working with for a while. One of the finishing touches on the new site is a contact form. Thankfully, Drupal has a contact form module built in, so there’s not really much work to do to get it up and running.

Here are some notes on configuring the Contact Form module for Drupal:

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SEO TIP: Viewing NOFOLLOW Links On The Web

firefox-logo Aaron Wall’s brilliantly useful SEO For Firefox plugin can show you a lot about websites via the search results – PageRank, age of site, number of backlinks, etc.

For me however, the most useful feature of the plugin highlights links that have had rel=”nofollow” applied to them. This can be useful when doing link building campaigns. For instance, take a look at and StumbleUpon – both universally apply nofollow to all links except internal ones. There’s no PageRank value in those types of links, although there may be a short term traffic boost from submitting your site to them.

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iPhone Only: Elitist Web Design Approaches

iPhone When I’m working on a website – any website – I’m thinking about how to maximize the audience that site gets.

I’ll make my best efforts to ensure that the pages can be viewed properly in the majority of web browsers, and I’ll do my level best to test that the code is accessible and valid.

That’s why I find this post by Eric Meyer disturbing. Eric points to a recent trend where people are developing iPhone-only websites. Now, these folks are likely cashing in on a trend, aiming for ‘cool points’ by supporting the latest Apple mega-gadget, but to exclude the rest of the web?

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