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Using Social Bookmarking Sites The Ethical Way

Social Bookmarking services allow people to store their bookmarks online and share them with other people. There’s a popularity element to the process too – most bookmarking sites publish lists of the currently most popular items based on a number of criteria. Smart webmasters know that by getting their sites listed on the ‘popular’ lists […]

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Power Browsing: Turn The Bookmarks Extension Into An Essential Web Toolkit

How to get the most from integration. My power tips for customizing the FireFox Bookmarks extension provided by to turn your browser into a Swiss Army Knife!

Posted in Social Networking on Thursday, April 12 2007 | Leave a comment » Bookmarks Extension For FireFox

In this post I look at some of the cool new features in the Bookmarks extension for FireFox. If you haven’t played with social bookmarking services yet, you’re missing an exciting part of Web 2.0. This new extension replaces the bookmarking functionality built into FireFox with a synchronised version of your bookmarks.

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