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On Facebook

Being a web-oriented kind of guy, I spend a lot of time on social networks and that type of site. I’ve probably got an account on most of them. The social network I’m enjoying most at the moment is Facebook. And for a very simple reason: it isn’t centred around accumulating a list of strangers […]

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Pligg. A Warning To The Prospectors

A look at the realities of starting a social media site using Pligg, an open source Digg clone.

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Ma.gnolia Social Bookmarking

In this post, I investigate an often-overlooked social bookmarking service called ma.gnolia. Ma.gnolia has a raft of social networking and community features that in my opinion beat the other services hands-down. I’ll tell you why here.

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Another Great “How To Get Started With RSS” Article

Do you want to start playing with RSS, but don’t know what software to use or how to subscribe to an RSS feed? This article will show you how to set up RSS readers for a number of free programs.

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