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Standards Based Web Design

Standards-based Design

At Scribble, we follow a standards-based approach to web design. We try to build sites that will work in all the major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, etc.

Web Standards are important in modern web design. Prior to web standards, developers used lots of invisible tables to structure a web page. These would very often be problematic whenever the site was being updated, as modifying the structure of the tables could destroy the layout of the site.

A standards-based approach brings the following benefits to your site:

  • Easy to maintain: style changes can be applied in one place and immediately impact the whole site.
  • Better for search engines: standards-based pages have less unnecessary code in them and search engines are able to read and understand their contents better.
  • Provide better accessibility: using a standards-based approach has been proven to improve the accessibility of a website for people with disabilities.
  • Faster load times: Pages are generally smaller, so load much faster than table-based web pages.
  • Work in different devices: With such a wide number of web browsers and software to browse the Internet on phones, PDAs and other devices, this is becoming increasingly important.