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WordPress 3.4 Theme: Unreal by Scribble

Unreal WordPress theme screenshot

Scribble Designs are pleased to announce our first-ever free WordPress theme, Unreal. Based on our template for the Unreality TV blog, Unreal is a ground-up rewrite, based on the Underscores theme. It’s a two-column theme with several widget regions and support for the new WordPress 3.4 custom backgrounds.


  • Supports the latest WordPress 3.4 features: custom post backgrounds, and comes with a subtle grey tile as default, but you can upload other patterns or simply use a color.
  • Menu support: you can two menus – one in the header area for navigational links. This menu supports one level of submenus. The second menu block appears in the footer and is great for your WordPress pages, copyright notices and terms & conditions.
  • Post thumbnail support: The theme supports post thumbnails and provides a special widget to show recent posts with thumbnails.
  • Utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 effects.
  • 4 widget areas – one in the sidebar and three columns in the site footer.
  • Elegant threaded comments area with Gravatar support.
  • 475px content area width.


Click here to download the Unreal Theme for your blog.